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The Bujinkan organization incorporates the teachings of nine ryūha or schools each with its own techniques and specialities.

The schools break down into roughly three groupings, though have commonalities as they developed in the remote region of Iga in Japan. Three of the schools are Ninjutsu, or Ninpo methods, three are Jujutsu or Bujutsu methods, and three are schools that initially came to Japan via China.

All the methods used stress the importance of effective, natural body movement. This diversity helps us understand a range of methods to protect ourselves, but as the schools share common principles, one is able to develop effective techniques within this range.

Our Grandmaster or Soke, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi has received honours from numerous governments and organisations for his contribution to both martial arts, and culture generally. He is actively training, and guides us with our own development.

Dr. Hatsumi learnt from his teacher, Takamatsu Sensei - a highly experienced and capable martial artist who developed his skills both in Japan and China. When Takamatsu Sensei passed away in the 1970's Dr. Hatsumi formed the Bujinkan to help pass on his teacher's knowledge. Since then, the Bujinkan has grown into an international organisation, though still strongly centred on Japan, and our Soke.

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